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Brows by JoVanna ,Professional Esthetician/Brow Artist: JoVanna C. Butler

Brows by JoVanna ,Professional Esthetician/Brow Artist:

JoVanna C. Butler

why eyebrows

Years ago I didn’t expect to specialize in eyebrows today. I developed this love for using my artistic talent to design eyebrows.  After going to school for aesthetics and getting my license I became obsessed with the importance of  perfectly groomed eyebrows along with the creativity of beautiful makeup.

 I offer custom eyebrow arches  to each of my  client’s grooming the brow hairs with wax and trimming hairs  a neatly manageable look.  Creating feelings of confidence  followed by exclusive brow products like pencils, powders, mascaras, and more to help clients achieve a beautiful brow finish at home. there are also Other services such as 3d Brow building and Eyebrow extensions.  Often i will attract client with very little hair, with even less hope of growth in the future.  The option to have  semi permanent brows that look real, defined, and natural has saved the day for many women and men who happen to be self conscious. 

Perfectly groomed eyebrows are the center of importance. The face  is a worthy canvas and the purpose of cosmetics are here to enhance. Well-groomed and shaped eyebrows give a naturally defined beautiful look, with or without makeup Professionally, I suggest a monthly visit for routine grooming.

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